100% of Proceeds Go the the Seller

Buying and selling on myMuseo is easy. myMuseo takes no percentage from sales and the seller receives 100% of the proceeds.

It is really quite that simple. myMuseo has been designed as a community site for collectors of all persuations, artists, craftspeple and others.
Our goal is to create an onine community of like-minded people who can connect and share their stories, as well as buy and sell art & collectibles.

At the moment you may register for a free lifetime membership. Once we hit critical mass we may charge a nominal annual fee for new members to keep the site running. Should we start charging a nominal annual subscription fee, your membership will remain free and new members will also enjoy the same benefit of receiving 100% of all their sales.

At the time we begin to charge an annual fee this page will be updated to reflect that.

Selling & Buying on myMuseo.com

All sales through myMuseo.com are between the Seller and Buyer.  Transactions are not made through myMuseo.com and are made through services such as PayPal, Apple Pay and similar transaction services.  We discourage bank to bank transactions that may put your privacy and bank account at risk.

If a community member selects Buy Now on the detail page of any item you have listed for sale you will receive an email to the account associated with your myMuseo.com account.  You will also see this same email in the Message Center of your personal dashboard.

When a community member purchases and item, that item will be marked Pending Sale. The payment method and shipping method are made by agreement between the two parties. Messages may be sent via myMuseo.com via your dashboard (preferred for tracking your sales or purchases in our system) or by exchanging messages outside the myMuseo.com system (discouraged).

Questions? We love questions! Just email us and we will get back to you ASAP!


Last Updated May 1, 2018