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David C. Kane was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and the bulk of whatever education and training he received was obtained there, although from whom he might have gained his early knowledge of and flair for drawing and painting is somewhat conjectural. It is known that he studied art for a time in the 1960's and 1970's at the University of Washington, where he would have studied under Jacob Lawrence, Michael Spafford, and Everett DuPen among others. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree sometime in the late 70's, Kane seems to have remained in Seattle, eking out a precarious living by his art, augmented from time to time by a succession of menial jobs. From the 1980's until well into the early years of the 21st Century, Kane remained active in the local art scene, such as it was, producing shows on a regular basis for local galleries, taking part in regional exhibitions, and occasionally teaching. By the mid-twenty-teens, he had exiled himself to Mount Vernon, north of Seattle, where we find him an enthusiastic participant in the legendary, vibrant Skagit art community. A tireless worker for the betterment of Art, he is admired by all who know him and a credit to his profession. No record of his decease can be found at this time.




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