Paul Jenkin - Pelion District, Greece - 2018
These are a selection of the photographs I took whilst on holiday in Pelion, Greece, in early May 2018. For those unfamiliar with Greece's geography, the Pelion peninsula is on the Aegean coastline, half way between Athens and Thessaloniki. I visited Pelion at this time of year for two reasons; firstly, to avoid the extreme heat of summer and, secondly, to have as few tourists in the photos as possible. I usually shoot in black and white but the light made the colours so beautiful - sometimes in a subtle way and other times, so vibrant. Finally, Greece is having a hard time, economically, and this can be seen in the photos. However, there's a natural beauty about the place and a warmth and generosity to its people that makes it a wonderful destination to get away from the rat race.