About Us

Behind every great work of art is an artist’s story.

Many of these stories are housed in the world’s museums or in private collections, admired when you visit them. myMuseo.com exists as an online forum to bring together art enthusiasts: artists and collectors, who are excited to share their work and collections and to discover something new. To tell our stories.

We’re expanding the ecosystem for artists and collectors.

At myMuseo.com you can share your work and/or your collections: by admiring individual artworks, following artists, posting your favorite artist websites and/or by posting pieces from your collection, following collectors and collections. Hopefully this motivates you to meet online or in person through one of the Meetups or other interest groups you can create.

Who are we?

We are artists and art collectors ourselves and we realize that many artists are collectors and many collectors are artists. Before we became designers and developers we were bookstore and gallery space owners. Our small shop was called Signature Bound. Its shelves of fine art books, collectible 1st editions, and overstuffed arm chairs made for a cozy gathering space for artists and others to hang out. Such an intimate setting made Signature Bound a natural environment to host art exhibitions and readings.

Fast forward and we wondered if there was a way to bring people who love art and collecting together online, to facilitate artists and collectors finding each other.  If you’re an artist we encourage you to place your work on our site.   And if you collect, please do the same.  Find and admire each other and maybe even get together in the real world.     

Like any labor of love, myMuseo.com has been shaped by our experiences.  In our case, conversations with artists, writers, critics and collectors whose stories have compelled us to bring the cozy feel of our gallery and bookstore to an online space.  Join us and post your collections online. 

Questions? We love questions! Just email us and we will get back to you ASAP!